Ngeblog in PHPClasses

high quality dark moon rising movie moby dick download full film Yesterday, i receive this email from PHPClasses, arthur full This message is to let you know that your package “Ngeblog” was considered notable. Congratulations! ***** This means that the site users interested in packages that have something special, are being notified to pay special […]

How Bloggers Get Some People Mad

Prominent liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, who runs one of the most popular liberal and progressive blogs in the world, says Google News is becoming unusable. “They need some serious soul-searching about what they are and what their mission is.” “A news operation needs to present news, and credible news at that. That means get […]

Pinging Google blog search for WordPress

In addition to my previous google pinging services, for you who use wordpress you can also add google blog search ping into your update services. watching inception online Once you’ve logged into WP, go to Options > Writing and add this line under “Update Services”: watching easy a online the dark knight movies downloads […]

Finally, Google Blog Search Pinging Service. Try mine

After my blogs suddenly dissapeared from technorati, i found new way to promote this nice blogs of mine using Google Blog Search. Horeey. valhalla rising on dvd Today, Google official blogs announced about Google Blog Search Pinging Service. After about 15 minutes studying its API, i finally sat down and write it out using PHP. […]

Selamat Datang Kawan, Gimana Kabar Kota Jakarta hari ini??

Barusan mampir di situsnya cikul. Begitu opening langsung dikasih suara aneh-aneh, kirain laptop ngadat lagi, taunya flash do’i yang ngebuat suara aneh itu. hatchet 2 stream online Dah gitu, di halaman depannya tertulis, movie sniper: reloaded online download re-cut full Selamat Datang Kawan, Gimana Kabar Kota Jakarta hari ini?? download the shawshank redemption movies gulliver’s […]