Thanks For Your Votes has just announced the winner of Innovation Award during the month of October 2006. As you can see on my badge here, Ngeblog was ranked in second position with 17.24% from total votes. move 127 hours jack goes boating characters movie no strings attached download movie the last airbender hd buy the bedrooms film …

Ngeblog 0.2 : Yes, You can Use AuthSub Now

As written in Google Code blog (err, yesterday), Ngeblog now supports AuthSub authentication. And it uses Zend Framework (Zend_Gdata) for abstracting the whole authentication process, including ClientLogin authentication. Since Ngeblog 0.2 now uses the modified version of Zend_Gdata, the files is getting larger and it is hard for me to put Ngeblog 0.2 to phpclasses. …

Ngeblog as Google Code Featured Project

I’ve just found out this morning that Ngeblog has been chosen as one of Google Code Featured Project. download the company men dvdrip real top gear apocalypse movie download Although it’s not really accurate, since i haven’t used Zend GData yet, and it hasn’t supported AuthSub, but thanks anyway. I take that as a suggestion. …

ClientLogin Authentication for Zend GData

As i mentioned in my previous post, i was going to add AuthSub authentication for Ngeblog when people at Google Code team announced that Zend framework now has GData support.

After played around with it for hours, i finally got into a decision to use Zend Gdata for abstracting Ngeblog connection to Blogger. Unfortunately, Zend GData class library only supports AuthSub authentication, while Ngeblog already uses ClientLogin authentication and works fine this far.

So, to make it available for both type of authentication, i finally sat down and wrote some codes myself to add ClientLogin support for Zend GData. You can download the bundle in .zip here or in .tgz here which contains both Zend_Gdata bundle and my Zend_Gdata_ClientLogin class for ClientLogin authentication. Try getauthdemo.php to see how my ClientLogin class works.

PHP Programming Innovation Award


I received an email from this evening,

This is a notification message to let you know that your package Ngeblog was nominated to the PHP Programming Innovation Award among all the classes approved for publishing in the PHP Classes site during the month of October of 2006.

The class was nominated by Manuel Lemos that submitted the following comment:

“Blogger is a very popular blog Web site owned by Google. Nowadays it provides a Web services API named GData API. It makes possible to manipulate articles posted in Blogger blog from an external site. This class makes use of the GData API to manipulate Blogger posts from any PHP Web site.”

Well, when i started this project about two weeks ago, i never planned it to be nominated to any award. Like any other open source projects, it all just started with “i wanna do this, and i wanna do it now” motivation.

But then i looked at the prize and i thought why not. 🙂

So please be kind to vote it for me.

Ngeblog Host and Mailing List

Working on Ngeblog for the past two weeks has been a great time for me. Credits, suggestions and bugs report from many people are the main reason why i keep working on this class. grown ups movies video download legend of the guardians: the owls of ga’hoole film in hd formats full arthur movie That’s …

Ngeblog 0.1 (Now support ClientLogin Authentication for both versions of Blogger)

Good news for Blogger Beta users, now Ngeblog can be used to manipulate your blog entry. 🙂 download the movie the last exorcism If you’re using previous version of Ngeblog, don’t worry, you still can use all the methods as before, only now you can do more. Especially if you’re using Blogger in beta version. …