Google to Give Developers Access to Trends API

Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google, gave a hint that Google will eventually provide an open application programming interface for its Trends analysis tool, allowing users to embed the tool in their applications, or download data from the application for personal use. “While I can’t [give] particular dates for […]

Searchable Google Reader with Greasemonkey + Gears

inside job movie download download the man from nowhere (ajeossi) full lenght I knew it, sooner or later somebody would make Google Reader searchable. Thanks to Raul Ochoa for creating a nice Greasemonkey script that mix Google Gears and Google Reader. Now, not only you can read Google Reader offline, you can search the old […]

Wiered Map

l’immortel the movie to buy watch gulliver’s travels full movie online red riding hood full hd the eagle full movie gulliver’s travels film hd download download the gnomeo & juliet buy fast five film on dvd watching super online unstoppable movie download high quality the roommate movie Gee, what is wrong with Gmap today. Is […]