FakeYourSpace in trouble

Remember FakeYourSpace.com? a site that provides fake hot friends on popular social networking sites such as MySpace or Friendster. I mentioned about this a while ago. It turned out that they’re doing very well. According to New York Times, FakeYourSpace attracted 50,000 hits a day. Until they’re facing trouble with iStockPhoto, the source where it […]

Finally, Google Blog Search Pinging Service. Try mine

After my blogs suddenly dissapeared from technorati, i found new way to promote this nice blogs of mine using Google Blog Search. Horeey. valhalla rising on dvd Today, Google official blogs announced about Google Blog Search Pinging Service. After about 15 minutes studying its API, i finally sat down and write it out using PHP. […]

Possible Vulnerability in Firefox Reported at Toorcon is a Joke

Apparently i’m not the only one who likes joking around with firefox. Mischa Spiegelmock, one of the Torcoon speaker had just clarified that he was joking about Firefox’s vulnerability in his speech. The main purpose of our talk was to be humorous. As part of our talk we mentioned that there was a previously known […]