Ramadhan: Momentum untuk Mewujudkan Kehidupan Islam

Alhamdulillah, segala pujian hanya milik Allah. Dia masih memberikan perpanjangan usia kepada kita sehingga kita masih bisa merasakan indahnya Ramadhan serta nikmatnya berpuasa dan menjalankan ketaatan kepada-Nya. Perpanjangan usia yang diberikan oleh Allah ini harus kita maknai sebagai tambahan kesempatan bagi kita untuk melakukan pertobatan dari kemaksiatan yang selama ini kita lakukan, sebagai kesempatan untuk menjalankan ketaatan kepada Allah dan menambah bekal untuk menghadapi perjumpaan dengan-Nya kelak di akhirat.

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Powering Data Center Cost A Lot

This might be interesting since we’re in Lampung we run out power so that the light must be off almost every day now. Do you know how much costs you to power on data center?

The average data center uses the equivalent of about 2 tons of coal (or 80 barrels of oil) per day; a datacenter with 2,500 servers uses enough electricity in a month to power 420,000 homes for a year. A 30,000 square foot data center with 1,000 racks needs $4.2 million a year to power and cool the computing processing power you are using (including maintenance and amortisation costs).

Google to bypass Proxy

For you who live behind proxy, and can not access some website, maybe this old tips can help you out. Just put your destination url in google language tools.

For example, if you want to access http://cleanpick.blogspot.com, and your proxy doesn’t allow you to do it (daah…), just use this url:


See, your proxy would assume you’re accessing google.

Ok, another example here, if you want to access yahoo.com, just try this out:


Have a nice try.

Technorati one of web 2.0 losers?

After Michael Calore take on the list of web 2.0 losers, people form wisdump make another brief explaination of their own list of web 2.0 losers. I don’t know about the rest, but they also includes technorati as number ten on the list.

I wouldn’t surprise if delicious is on the list, who need it anyway if you have nice firefox bookmark, and reddit for determining what’s hot, but technorati? I like it, and i believe lots of people like it too, since it’s constantly growing.

I think we need to define the meaning of losers here.