Google to bypass Proxy

For you who live behind proxy, and can not access some website, maybe this old tips can help you out. Just put your destination url in google language tools.

For example, if you want to access, and your proxy doesn’t allow you to do it (daah…), just use this url:|en

See, your proxy would assume you’re accessing google.

Ok, another example here, if you want to access, just try this out:|en

Have a nice try.

Technorati one of web 2.0 losers?

After Michael Calore take on the list of web 2.0 losers, people form wisdump make another brief explaination of their own list of web 2.0 losers. I don’t know about the rest, but they also includes technorati as number ten on the list.

I wouldn’t surprise if delicious is on the list, who need it anyway if you have nice firefox bookmark, and reddit for determining what’s hot, but technorati? I like it, and i believe lots of people like it too, since it’s constantly growing.

I think we need to define the meaning of losers here.

Golden Rules for Bad User Interfaces

People often propose how to’s for good thing. But that seems not enough if you cann’t find the bad examples of how to not do. That’s why this golden rules for bad user interface might be a good reference for web developer like me. 🙂

The SAP Design Guild Website is full of guidelines and tips for good user interface design, and it’s not the only one on the Web. Nevertheless, we see examples of bad user interface design everywhere – many more than users would like to see. As people like to do just the opposite of what one is proposing, we thought that it might be a good idea to promote bad user interface design. Therefore, we collected “Golden Rules for Bad User Interfaces” on this page – please help yourself (and do the opposite). We started this page with ten rules and are continually expanding our collection.

An App A Day

Paul Graham mentioned in his essay that if you ask a good hacker how good he is, he might replay “i don’t know”. He’s not being modest, he really doesn’t know. But i think it’s not a bad idea to test your skill of coding and find out how good you are. How about if you challenge yourself to make a new application every day?

Well, that might sound hard to do. But not really. At least not for her. So this blog goes to

Don’t worry, you haven’t miss anything. By the time i write this, she is in 10th day of 30 working days she planned. You can also chat with her while she’s working on an app.