I hope Robert Scoble can hear this

I’m a regular visitor and audience of Scoble Show. But i’m agree with James that sometime it’s kinda waste of time and bandwidth just to watch 44 minutes video of people talks.

Don’t get me wrong, the show was cool, but why don’t you give us the audio only files for interview type of podcast like that. It will surely save our bandwidth and time to download.

While for other interesting video like your awesome demo or tour, we don’t mind downloading the video. It’s worthed to watch.

I hope you can hear this, Robert.

100 Million Web Sites was Reached by October 2006


Netcraft has announced that web sites passed significant milestone during last month: 100 million web sites!

100 million? That’s few. Surely there can’t be only 100 million web sites out there!

Hold on a minute, let’s take a closer look at what Netcraft considers a web site:

“There are now 100 million Web sites with domain names and content on them,” said Netcraft’s Rich Miller.

Yeah, that we all can agree. What it means that any domain name without content in it doesn’t count as a web site. That includes registrar parking pages, Google ad farms, and the like.

Also any blogger which hosted on blogspot.com or wordpress.com are counted as one, although there are actually many of them.

What interesting to me is the raising curve of new web sites during the past three years,

There were just 18,000 Web sites when Netcraft, based in Bath, England, began keeping track in August of 1995. It took until May of 2004 to reach the 50 million milestone; then only 30 more months to hit 100 million, late in the month of October 2006.

That could only mean one thing, it’s much easier to create a Web site nowadays. And blog is one of the web app which responsible for that.

Anyway, i wonder if Netcraft counted this blog right, since i have two other domains directed here (blog.ngoprek.web.id and ngoprekweb.ngikutin.com). 🙂

Possible Vulnerability in Firefox Reported at Toorcon is a Joke

Apparently i’m not the only one who likes joking around with firefox. Mischa Spiegelmock, one of the Torcoon speaker had just clarified that he was joking about Firefox’s vulnerability in his speech.

The main purpose of our talk was to be humorous.

As part of our talk we mentioned that there was a previously known Firefox vulnerability that could result in a stack overflow ending up in remote code execution. However, the code we presented did not in fact do this, and I personally have not gotten it to result in code execution, nor do I know of anyone who has.

I have not succeeded in making this code do anything more than cause a crash and eat up system resources, and I certainly haven’t used it to take over anyone else’s computer and execute arbitrary code.

I do not have 30 undisclosed Firefox vulnerabilities, nor did I ever make this claim. I have no undisclosed Firefox vulnerabilities. The person who was speaking with me made this claim, and I honestly have no idea if he has them or not.

I apologize to everyone involved, and I hope I have made everything as clear as possible.

Well, i think he made Firefox developer teams nuts chasing the imaginary bugs. That’s the good thing, it shows us that Firefox wouldn’t let any bugger boys strike their asses.

Go go firefox.



The Death Of AdSense, And The Return To Common Sense

About a week ago, on the way back to Lampung from Jakarta, i saw a kid sitting beside me reading a paper in title “The Death Of AdSense, And The Return To Common Sense”.

It looked so interesting to me, but i wasn’t dare to borrow it from him, cause he looked so serious reading it. Now, i think i know where it came from, i found it just now from lifeafteradsense.com.


Perlombaan Ide Terbaik Apakah Ide Yang Bagus?


Sepertinya mydreamapp.com akan menjadi website yang sering saya kunjungi berikutnya. Bukan karena saya salah satu kontestan di sana, tapi karena mengikuti proses transformasi ide menjadi sebuah aplikasi nyata adalah sangat menyenangkan. Siapa tahu saya menjadi saksi hidup dari proses revolusi sebuah aplikasi yang akan booming dalam dua atau tiga tahun mendatang.

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Mark Cuban: Only a 'moron' would buy YouTube

What an attitude here,

Billionaire investor and dot-com veteran Mark Cuban had harsh words Thursday for YouTube, the online site that lets people share video clips, saying only a “moron” would purchase the wildly popular start-up.

Source: News.com

This is another reason why i’m not in to copyrights law. It’s so fragile that people can sue you anytime they need to, as Cuban said,

“They are just breaking the law,” Cuban told a group of advertisers in New York. “The only reason it hasn’t been sued yet is because there is nobody with big money to sue.”

Powering Data Center Cost A Lot

This might be interesting since we’re in Lampung we run out power so that the light must be off almost every day now. Do you know how much costs you to power on data center?

The average data center uses the equivalent of about 2 tons of coal (or 80 barrels of oil) per day; a datacenter with 2,500 servers uses enough electricity in a month to power 420,000 homes for a year. A 30,000 square foot data center with 1,000 racks needs $4.2 million a year to power and cool the computing processing power you are using (including maintenance and amortisation costs).