Ramadhan on YouTube and Google+

Ramadhan is a special month for muslims around the world. In this month muslims are obligated to do shaum (fasting), make more charity (shadaqah) and read qur’an. And this year, YouTube wants to make the experience a little more digital.

This Ramadhan, YouTube has devoted a channel to streaming the Mecca prayers live. For Muslims who cannot make it to go there, they can view the holy city and the pray from their own home.

YouTube has also devoted a new channel to showing the special television programming created for Ramadhan. However all the show are in arabic, so .. 🙂

Beside YouTube, Google+ also make a special event this Ramadhan. Google+ will host 30 days of Hangouts featuring actors, poets, chefs, and more. Don’t miss some special recipes for ifthar and shahur, live from Google+ hangouts 🙂

Ramadhan mubarak!

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