Newsweek will stop print publication, the latest casualty of digitalization

As reported by WSJ, Newsweek will stop print publication this year, and on 2013 they will publish only in digital format.

Apparently people don’t want to wait a whole week to get information on what’s going on in the world, the news become irrelevance anymore,

Newsweek’s print edition has been losing relevancy over the years as readers flocked to new, digital sources for news. It did become a conversation piece last month when a cover essay, “Muslim Rage: How I Survived It, How We Can End It,” spawned a huge response on Twitter. Newsweek had invited Twitter users to write about the subject using the hashtag “MuslimRage.” But most people, many of them Muslim, mocked the subject instead of adopting the article’s serious tone. Newsweek, for its part, took the jabs in stride and said its covers and hashtags spark debate on big topics.

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