YUI 2.2.0

It’s been like forever since the last version (ver. 0.12.2) of Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) was released. Some said they had stopped developing it and choosed another alternative instead. But Yesterday, YUI blog announced the release of version 2.2.0, and they’re going to have a party too.

It’s a pretty big jump from 0.12.2 to 2.2.0. But i personally don’t see that much of improvement. Although i must admit there’s certain features i’m thrilled to see next (currently still in beta), which are browser history manager and DataTable control.

The YUI Browser History Manager is an experimental component designed to facilitate the creation of web applications in which the navigation buttons are fully functional and in which broad aspects of an application’s state — what panels are open, what tabs are active, etc. — can be bookmarked.

The DataTable control provides a simple yet powerful API to display screen-reader accessible tabular data on a web page. Notable features include sortable columns, pagination, scrolling, row selection, resizeable columns, and inline editing.

The DataTable’s debut featureset includes:

  • Progressive enhancement: DataTable is built on the foundation of HTML table element markup, providing a solid progressive-enhancement path.
  • Nested column headers
  • Custom sort functions
  • XHR data sources: Integration with Connection Manager offers robust support for pulling in off-page data.
  • Inline editing: Contents of cells can be editable, allowing users to update the information they’re reviewing.

Interesting to see how they can compete with the same DataTable component in Dojo.

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  1. Hi Eris,

    As I wrote in the blog post announcing the release, we jumped the external version numbers to match what we’ve been using internally. It’s a housekeeping tweak, nothing more. See for yourself: on many yahoo sites, Y!Answers for example, you can see event_2.0.5.js, which — diff the files — is identical to public 0.12.0 (or is it 0.11.4?).

    As you can imagine, managing this artificial difference was not efficient, and so with this release we made the change. I knew it was draw some raised eyebrows from astute folks like yourself, but I know it’s the right thing to do.


    PS: Is 6 weeks really "like forever" between releases? You drive a tough bargain my friend, but I’ll see what I can do 😉

  2. Hello Nate,

    Yeah, i think i’m used to rapid development cycle, especially when you’re in 0.x.x version. 🙂

    I used YUI in older version, so finding out there’s a new release with big gap in version number, kinda freak me out.

    Anyway, i have tried 2.2.0, it’s great. I can’t wait to see more on next version, especially in DataTable. It’s a very useful tools for me.

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