MyBlogLog's Plan to Stop Spam

I’m glad to know MyBlogLog finally took some serious actions to stop spam on their system. As Eric from MyBlogLog said in his blog, they have done and are going to do several plans to stop spam:

  1. We’re going to post an official Terms of Service (ToS) and hold people accountable. It’s hard kicking people’s asses for breaking the rules when the rules aren’t posted anywhere. That will change. Things like blatant advertising in profiles will not be tolerated.
  2. By default, you now see only message from your own contacts. You’ll be able to click a radio button to see messages from everyone else. Further, you’ll only receive an email alert when a contact leaves you a message. Lastly, public views of your profile will reflect your message view setting, so other people viewing your profile won’t see random requests to visit their community or site.
  3. We will include the text of the comment and associated controls (delete,reply, etc) in the alert email. You won’t have to go to MyBlogLog to manage comments on your profile or community page any more.
  4. We will limit users to only five requests for co-authors a day. If you want to request more co-authors, come back tomorrow.
  5. We will limit users to join 15 communities and add 15 contacts during any day. The others will still be here tomorrow.
  6. After the first five are complete, we will set up a comment approval system where community members can automatically post messages and everyone else’s comments gets queued for approved (a la Typepad comments).

I’m relatively new on MyBlogLog, but I do not mind at all with these new rules. Anything to stop spammer.

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