Microhoo: Google Bicara

Google lewat Senior Vice President-nya, David Drummond, akhirnya angkat bicara tentang kemungkinan akuisisi Yahoo! oleh Microsoft. watch dinner for schmucks online divx Ok, sekarang semua boleh panik. 🙂 So Microsoft’s hostile bid for Yahoo! raises troubling questions. This is about more than simply a financial transaction, one company taking over another. It’s about preserving the […]

YUI 2.4.0 Released

YUI team in their blog announced the release of version 2.4.0. It’s available for download and full documentation on YUI website. New components in this release includes Selector Utility (beta) which implements CSS selector, Charts Control which combine Javascript and Flash (version 9) to create dynamic chart in Flash, Get Utility which provides API for […]

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! Unite to Support Sitemaps

Finally, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! announced today that they will all begin using the same Sitemaps protocol to index sites around the web. Now based at Sitemaps.org, the system instructs web masters on how to install an XML file on their servers that all three engines can use to track updates to pages. What and […]