FakeYourSpace in trouble

Remember FakeYourSpace.com? a site that provides fake hot friends on popular social networking sites such as MySpace or Friendster. I mentioned about this a while ago.

It turned out that they’re doing very well. According to New York Times, FakeYourSpace attracted 50,000 hits a day. Until they’re facing trouble with iStockPhoto, the source where it gets the photograph of the models for fake friends.

Kelly Thompson, iStockPhoto’s vice president for marketing, said its licensing agreement did not allow Web sites to post photos that might lead the average person to “think that the model endorses” the product, Web site or person in question.

FakeYourSpace have to shut down their service until later this week because of that.

Yeah, that’s what happend when you’re trying to fake something. Maybe, they have to consider to create fake photos service as well. A mashup from some photos, something like Yahoo! avatar with real faces.


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