Gdata and The Future of Database

I’ve been playing around with GData for the last couple months. And i must agree with Jeremy when he said that GData is the realization of the future that Adam Bosworth talked about.

Adam gave us a different view of how to deal with huge amount of data. Until now, we can’t talk about data without talking about conventional database management system with complex architecture. Apperently, it’s not always about finding a simple solution to a complex problem, sometimes all you have to do is to simplify the problem.

Web was something that sounds almost impossible to build. But Tim Barners Lee simplified it, and by using HTML (and HTTP) almost everyone now can build the web. Why not do the same way with managing data. That’s when he talked about ATOM Publishing Protocol (APP), a simple way to manage data on the web. As you might know, GData is the improvement of this publishing protocol.

Adam should know this very well because he works for the company that has managed to deal with huge amount of data. Adam is VP, Engineering at Google, and was one of the top Engineers at Microsoft.

Just listen to his talk and you’ll find so many GData things in it.

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So it was only a matter of time until many applications adopt GData or protocol like GData. Today it’s announced that Windows Mobile has also used GData.

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