Baru nemu link ini. Menarik juga chatting dengan “Tuhan”. Tapi “Tuhan” yang ini jangan dipercaya, karena sebenarnya yang menjawab cuma program komputer saja yang diprogram untuk merespon setiap kata yang kita ketikkan. Biarpun begitu, teknik Artificial Intelligence-nya ok juga, dan responnya cukup cepat.

Boleh dicoba deh, err .. tapi pakai bahasa inggris ya. “God” palsu ini nggak bisa bahasa Indonesia soalnya, kalau dipaksain jadi gini nih:

Me: Nama kamu siapa?
God:We have never talked about it before.

Me: Maksud kamu?
God: A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly.


The Gangster Family goes to Facebook


That’s right, after its web version was released, i decided to expand my gangster family to Facebook. 🙂

Yes, now you can play the same game in Facebook too. All mechanism, tactic, interface and the heat are all the same. And for those of you who has played in the web version before, you can login using the same username and password to start to play your gangster in Facebook without starting all over again. Sweet.

So, i’ll see you in Facebook. Click here to join.

The Gangster Family



I watched the movie and i played the game, so i thought it would be fun to make a web based game, so here you go: The Gangster Family.

A simple game with one objectives, be a boss of all gangsters. You can fight other gangsters to gain money and experience but not your own family. Increase your soldiers by defeating other gangster in lower rank three times in the row. Buy some gangster equipments to power up yourself.

This is a simple game but require some tactics. So try to play the game and let me know what you think.

Leave Comments Everywhere (Not You, Spammer!)

So, you want to let everyone commenting on any of your web pages? Easy, let the kitty does the work for you. JS-Kit.com gives an elegant yet simple solution for commenting in social network era.

All you need to do is to put this simple scripts on your web page:

<script src="http://js-kit.com/comments.js"></script>

Of course, you can do much more than that by customizing it, such as send an email to you each time somebody put their comment. Just see their website.

However, while JS-Kit allows for a lot of customization, it still lacks some of the important features such as CAPTCHA image challenge, especially to handle those spammer. What do you think? please …


PHP Community Playing Cards

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Thanks to Cal Evans, this playing cards is really useful especially when you need to go to the conference without any idea who are the folks behind you.