Mobile Web: Begitu Dekat, Begitu Jauh

Artikel NYTimes hari ini dengan judul “Mobile Web: So Close Yet So Far” benar-benar buat patah hati, In 2000, the wireless application protocol was supposed to bring the Internet to the cellphone. Our hero turned out to be a flash in the pan. That was attributed to a lack of high-speed cellular data networks, so …

What Geek Like Me Wants from Mobile Phone

I was preparing my new Zendbox alike server to host all of my toys when i found some interesting feed items on my reading list, all talking about the same thing, mobile phone. Which brought me to Ian Hay’s top ten list of what people want from his/her mobile phone.

I’m not really good at making list, so if someone ask me what i want from my mobile phone i’ll give him one single answer: control.

For that matter, i want my mobile phone to support open source software and has open hardware architecture. That’s all i need, i’ll take care the rest myself, thanks.