Iklan Parodi iPad Mini

iPad Mini Commercial Parody

Iklan dari produk-produk Apple memang selalu menarik untuk dilihat, namun yang tidak kalah menarik adalah iklan-iklan parodi-nya yang biasanya keluar tidak lama setelah iklan resminya keluar.

Ini adalah iklan resmi dari iPad Mini versi piano,

yang ini adalah iklan parodinya yang menunjukkan fakta sebenarnya dari tuts piano iPad yang tidak segampang itu untuk dimainkan :),

dan kalau Anda memang harus memainkan piano via gadget, kenapa tidak seukuran iMac seperti iklan parodi berikut :),

terakhir, iklan parodi iPad mini vs Windows Surface :),

Don’t Break Your iPad Mini: iFixit Finds That It’s Hard To Repair

The iPad Mini launched a while ago and iFixit has posted its teardown of the iPad Mini. The team found the iPad Mini to not be easily repairable. They gave the iPad Mini a score of two out of 10. They note that the iPad Mini does get some things right, like the glass and LCD are not fused together which makes replacing the screen an easy task. The problems come in when you get to taking the entire device apart. All of the components are attached via “copious amounts of adhesive” which makes any repair extremely difficult.

Via: iFixit

Objective-C Overtakes C++

The TIOBE Index has found that Objective-C has overtaken C++ in popularity this July. Objective-C was in sixth place last year and has jumped to third this month.


This month there is an interesting change in the TIOBE index: Objective-C has become more popular than C++. Both Objective-C and C++ started in 1983 as object-oriented successors of the C languages. Right from the beginning, Objective-C and C++ competed to become the de facto object-oriented programming language. It took quite some years before C++ could claim victory. Now Objective-C is back (thanks to the iPhone and iPad), but not as a direct competitor of C++ any more. C++ is used heavily in large high-performance systems whereas Objective-C is mainly used in the mobile apps industry.