SWF Intruder

Hey, this is pretty useful, SWF Intruder, a tool for analyzing and testing the security of Flash applications.

How many of you are still thinking of the security when you develop flash application? My experience with flash and Actionscript in particular is that i’m happy enought to see if it works as i expected, never mind thinking the security. Yeah this tools is helpful.

Anyway, SWF Intruder is a web application (using web as its UI) written by Stefano Di Paola and was developed using Actionscript, HTML and Javascript. So it only analyzes the security of flash application in web environment, not in form of desktop application (projector).

It scan some security issues like Cross Site Scripting and Cross Site Flashing. To understand more of how it works and the methodology used you’d want to read Testing Flash Application and Finding Vulnerabilities in Flash Applications.

By the way, it doesn’t work on Opera, i’ve tested it. Try Firefox.

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