Morning Ritual for Productive People

I don’t know about you, but to me morning is my most productive time, midnight is my second. Yeah, you may guess, those times are the most quiet and peaceful time to do activities that requires focus such as writing or coding.

Leo at freelance switch mentioned some other reasons why morning has to be a good time to start writing. Although i’m not a writer, i think his opinion was all true for code monkey like me.

He also gave some sort of ritual you could try to make your morning more productive. One of them which important and i mistakely do all the time is to avoid activities which will waste your time in the morning like reading email or RSS feeds. Not that those activities aren’t important, but reading email or RSS feeds surely takes time which will waste your short morning time.

A nice hot cup of coffee is also one of Leo’s morning ritual. It helps to make your morning enjoyable, and in my case it helps to ensure i’m awake. 🙂

Another good habit you could try is force yourself to end each day when you’re in the middle of interesting and exciting work. It will make you easier to wake up and start a new day. You’ll know exactly what to do since you’ve started it the night before.

Off course, the most challenging thing about this morning ritual is how to get up early in the morning. Especially when you’re also enjoy working late at night.

One thing you should remember, it is not about the quantity of your sleep, but the quality of your sleep that matters. I read about this somewhere, dragging yourself to bed early won’t help you to wake up early in the morning.

But then again, it’s all about the habit.

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