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  1. Hmm…the questions are western type, so they’re not really applicable for us as indonesian to answer especially as muslim. So, I doubt about your score whether it’s valid or not dealing with so many factors. Though when I tried to follow this questionaire, it said a kind like this (I forgot to take a note on it) ‘You’re not nerd but not that cool either’. But, I don’t really believe with this result coz most of the questions are strange for indonesian people (hehe, a kind of excuses;p)
    Anyway, cheers. I have good time on it ^_^

  2. I don’t know if the questions are random for each user or not, i haven’t checked it yet, but my guess is they are. And they should be because otherwise it would be useless.

    And I didn’t find any question in my test which is specific to certain country or religion. Everthing was technical. Such as whether i know my computer’s IP address, which I do know .. 🙂

    So, i guess you have to admit it, Ms Garfield, i am a nerd. Or as i’m comfortable to say to my self, geek.

    Thanks anyway for dropping by.


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