Delphi 2007 for PHP

Hey guys, check this out. CodeGear, the company now responsible for continuing former Borland‘s developer tools announced this week their new interesting product, Delphi for PHP.



According to the data sheet, this tools contains some promising features,

Integrated Development Environment

  • Integrated visual form designer
  • Two-Way-Tools automatically synchronize code and visual representations
  • Object Inspector for visual customization of components without writing code
  • Code Explorer to simplify navigation
  • Project Manager to view and organize project files
  • Structure Pane shows the hierarchy of components displayed on the designer
  • Data Explorer to browse database server-specific schema and objects

Visual Component Library for PHP (VCL for PHP)

  • Customizable palette of over 50 reusable components
  • Standard components for menus, buttons,edit fields, images, notebook tabs, grids, tree views, list boxes, combo boxes, check boxes, labels, and more
  • Database components for accessing databases, tables, queries, and stored procedures, as well as data grids and navigation
  • Extend the VCL for PHP at any time with third-party libraries or with your own components

Powerful Editing

  • Customizable source code editor
  • Color syntax highlighting
  • Code Insight to assist in the selection of properties and methods
  • Bookmarks to ease navigation through large files

Integrated Debugging

  • Integrated debugger helps find and fix errors
  • View breakpoints, local variables and global variables

Documentation and Help

  • On-line help for the IDE
  • Sample applications
  • PHP language reference

What’s more interesting to me is this,

VCL for PHP is based on the most popular open source PHP scripts and libraries, including Qooxdoo, Adodb, DynAPI, Smarty, XAjax and JSCalendar. Inspired by VCL for Delphi, the component architecture is 100 percent written in PHP. Developers can create and integrate components into the IDE and extend the existing components to fit their needs. VCL for PHP is an open source library available on SourceForge at

Neat! 🙂

Well, we’ll see how powerful this RAD will be. Delphi for PHP is scheduled to be available in March with its introductory price of $249. I’m not sure when it will be available in Indonesia, perhaps earlier than the official release .. 😉

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