Interview with Matt Mullenweg

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Many of you use WordPress as blogging platform, but only view of you might know who’s the guy behind this popular web apps.

Matt Mullenweg is the founding developer of WordPress. He is a young talented developer lives in San Fransisco, California. He writes a nice blog at which i believe the first wordpress blog in the world.

Edgework’s Brian Oberkich talked to Matt in 49:30 minutes interview. You should listen to this. Matt talked about WordPress, Akismet and the zen of web product development.


As many other open source project leader, Matt is a nice and wise guy. He knows very well how to manage team of developers, how and when to deliver product to the end users, including take an action of any feedback from them.

There’s a part on that inteview where he shared a funny story behind Akismet, anti spam system for blogosphere. Some time before he released Akismet to public, his mom gave him a visit to San Fransisco and lived with him for five weeks. Until at certain point when she decided to make a blog of her own.

Worrying his mom would also get spams offering porn site and would think this as what her son’s doing all the time, Matt pushed Akismet’s team to make a release version as soon as possible. 🙂

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