So, You're a Big Fan of PHP 4.x Series

“If my apps run well on PHP 4, why would i be bothered to take a risk upgrading them to PHP 5?”

That’s what most people says when they’re asked to upgrade to PHP 5.

Well, if you are really a big fan of PHP 4, you should think to upgrade it to PHP 4.4.5, the newest release of PHP 4.x series. As Derick said, this release addresses most of the same issues as PHP 5.2.1.

Anyway, people are still complaining about incompatibilty issue between PHP 4 and PHP 5. They’re screaming about blank pages or bunch of errors found when they’re upgrading to PHP 5.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really mind with that. Sometime, it is a good thing to have your apps doesn’t work when a new patches applied. That tells us something wrong with our codes. Maybe it contains security holes which shouldn’t be working at all for our own sake.

When your door stop making sound after you change it with a new one, that must be a good thing, right?

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  1. If the risk of switching back to the old door is quite high (after you change to the new door and find out that the new door gives too much trouble), then living with the old door is just fine as long as it’s functioning as expected.

    The time spent on changing the door and switching back would better be spent on other things more productive.

    It all comes back to the door itself.

    Upgrading other languages gives better experience than upgrading PHP. If people trust PHP, they will upgrade in a jiffy.

    The lack of upgrade shows the lack of confidence.

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