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One of the reasons I talked less and less about Apple over time was NOT because Apple told me to shut up. They never did, not once. But people kept taking stuff I said, and twisting it to attack Apple, or to try to spin it as if what I was saying was therefore Apple’s position.

Chuqui 3.0 : Blogging and Communication (and my final comments about Scoble. I hope)

That was the response from Chuqui, who is an ex Apple employee, regarding Scoble post. Chuq has made some good points that resonate with me why i wrote this blog,

Here’s the fun part: while Scoble talks about blogging as if there is no way to communicate without it being on a blog, he completely misses the bigger picture.

IT AIN’T ABOUT BLOGGING. It’s about communication. it’s about sharing information. It’s about solving problems.

When i was assigned to rebuild our company website, i suggested the manager to add blogs for employees in it. He simply rejected it. That’s when i decided to make this blog.

I was dissapointed for awhile until i realized that he had good reasons to do that. Not only it was a bad idea to ask employees to fill his/her blogs while tons of works must be done tomorrow. There are some other efficient ways to communicate to customer rather than pushing employees to write it down on a blog.

Furthermore, I feel much more comfortable to write anything i find interesting rather than writing something that might be interesting for company. Almost 100% of this blog has no related to any of what we’re doing, but often as not it brings some new good things for company without i even realized it.

My point is, it’s always about sharing information, and the best way of doing that is to do that for love, not for money. Although for some people like chuq, things were getting hard since people knew him too well as an Apple guy.

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  1. Sometimes, our good idea need a right time, a right place and a right person to be realized. Our good idea (such as : add blog feature to company website) would be a dangerous content if we give this feature to all of employee.

    I have another experience while suggested my boss to give all of employee (every employee) to have company mail address ([email protected]). I think it should be a nice idea because email seems pretty simple to communicate to another person, but he didn’t agree. and now, I know, some people use company mail to join to every mailing list he/she found and most of them are Job Seeker Mailing list :-).


  2. Yeah, tell me about it 🙂

    Once my boss instructed us to create another web based email account to subscribe to any mailing list, but that was back then when we’re using limited bandwidth internet.

    Now, we’re using unlimited bandwidth, and we’re fighting against viruses :p

  3. Excellent point – yes, certainly everything done in the name of the company (naturally) should be expected to bring good results to that company.

    Blog is another double-edged sword – done properly, it can become an effective PR & mass communication tool. Done incorrectly, it can cause all sorts of problem.

    So it brings us again to the things that really matters – execution. You can have all sorts of brilliant ideas, but it’s the execution that you’ll really have to watch for.

    Nice blog, I’ll come visit from time to time. With the youngest blogger on board too 🙂

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