Ngeblog 0.2 : Yes, You can Use AuthSub Now

As written in Google Code blog (err, yesterday), Ngeblog now supports AuthSub authentication. And it uses Zend Framework (Zend_Gdata) for abstracting the whole authentication process, including ClientLogin authentication. Since Ngeblog 0.2 now uses the modified version of Zend_Gdata, the files is getting larger and it is hard for me to put Ngeblog 0.2 to phpclasses. […]

ClientLogin Authentication for Zend GData

As i mentioned in my previous post, i was going to add AuthSub authentication for Ngeblog when people at Google Code team announced that Zend framework now has GData support.

After played around with it for hours, i finally got into a decision to use Zend Gdata for abstracting Ngeblog connection to Blogger. Unfortunately, Zend GData class library only supports AuthSub authentication, while Ngeblog already uses ClientLogin authentication and works fine this far.

So, to make it available for both type of authentication, i finally sat down and wrote some codes myself to add ClientLogin support for Zend GData. You can download the bundle in .zip here or in .tgz here which contains both Zend_Gdata bundle and my Zend_Gdata_ClientLogin class for ClientLogin authentication. Try getauthdemo.php to see how my ClientLogin class works.