Delphi 2007 for PHP

Hey guys, check this out. CodeGear, the company now responsible for continuing former Borland‘s developer tools announced this week their new interesting product, Delphi for PHP. According to the data sheet, this tools contains some promising features, Integrated Development Environment watch full version of how to train your dragon movie the lord of the rings: […]

Habari – a new open source blog software

Do we need another blog software? well, it depends on what you really expect from blogging tools. If you’re absolute end user who use blog software just for blogging, then you have more than enough. But if you need to do more or you want to add certain customizations or you’re a never-satisfied programmer, then […]

Interview with Matt Mullenweg

the tourist full movie online faster trailer resident evil: afterlife dvd download Many of you use WordPress as blogging platform, but only view of you might know who’s the guy behind this popular web apps. buy transformers: revenge of the fallen the movie inception hd download downloads unknown Matt Mullenweg is the founding developer of […]