Every woman in the house, please stand up!

How many of you who know female programmer? I know many, and they’re darn good. But still it seems that programming and hacking is dominated by male. I think that’s because their voice isn’t loud enough. There are so few startups founded by women for example.

Paul graham have a good explanation on this,

I read on the Internet (so it must be true) that only 1.7% of VC-backed startups are founded by women. The percentage of female hackers is small, but not that small. So why the discrepancy?

When you realize that successful startups tend to have multiple founders who were already friends, a possible explanation emerges. People’s best friends are likely to be of the same sex, and if one group is a minority in some population, pairs of them will be a minority squared.

Yeah, they’re few but they’re growing. So, every woman in the house, please stand up, and count yourself here : phpwoman.org.

Hmm, i cann’t wait to see they make their own version of phpMyAdmin, phpMyWoman maybe? :p

Google Code Search new but not new

If there was something missing in all the buzz about Google Code Search, i think it’s the fact that it’s not new at all. There were Koders and Krugle who played on the same field long before Google jumped in. But somehow they’re just disappearing from any count, including alexa. Just check their traffic for the past few days,



Yep, they’re down elevator. No wonder if Darren Rush, CEO and co-founder of Koders, got a little pissed off,

“My advice to any entrant into this space is to focus on the unique structure of code, because indexing and searching code requires specialized algorithms and tools that Koders has already developed and refined.”

About the dangers of exposing security flaws as Google code blog said,

Since Google Code Search launched a few days ago, we’ve received a lot of great feedback, including some about the dangers of exposing security flaws.

it’s also not new. Just ask Johnny, he knows well about it long before there was Google code search.

Obviously, Google plays really well as a leader. Everything comes out from Google cage will make people turn their eyes from whatever they’re looking at.

But then again, Google knows well how to make good software. That’s what makes them so superior.




How many of you have known Glorum? I think its neat. It’s an open and un-moderated forum. The perfect place to hang out, especially if you’ve been burried all the time in digg like me. He.. he..

My Perfect PHP Framework

When i first started to write this post, i used “The Perfect PHP Framework” as the title. I thought with that kind of title i would get many people attention as i did before.

But then i decided to change it to “My Perfect PHP Framework”, not because i was affraid of people would criticize me, but because i realized this is the appropriate way of judging PHP framework. There is no such thing as “perfect” framework, for a reason i’ll describe.

So, my perfect PHP framework obviously not pointing out the name, instead the idea or guidelines if you want. But that doesn’t mean i never tried one, i tried many of them as you can see here,


Now, what is my perfect PHP framework? here you go ..

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Why PHP Programmers are Leaving

Recent web survey report shows us a surprising fact about PHP programmers deciding to leave PHP for Ruby on Rails.


Of course this survey isn’t necessarily the reason to claim the quality of the programming language it represents. I even convince that the numbers merely show us how programmers deal with the language they choosed.

There are many reasons why PHP programmer decides to leave for another language, but i think the most significant reason is because of many undisciplined PHP Programmers out there. They might not realized this, but they have made PHP looks really bad.

One of the thing they did so often is lack of attention in security aspect. Ilia showed us how many PHP codes out there are so fragile and open, waiting to be exploited. Just try this out by Google code search. Even the old problems like SQL injection still exists out there, thanks to those undisciplined PHP programmers.

The other thing undisciplined programmer often do is they still think they live in 90’s, where everything must be build from scratch, where OOP was not the option, where framework was not invented yet. They’re the ones who make coding in PHP such a mess and chaostic.

There are some reasons I belive why PHP was made so simple, it leaves us free to express ourself in the most unpredictable yet clever ways. Also it makes newbies so easy to learn it.

So using PHP in old fashion way will only make PHP looks bad, and many more people will leave it. That’s why i’m so excited with many PHP frameworks today, it gives us more power to build better and more secure web application.

Google Analytics Now in Book Store


I’ve been using Google Analytics for almost a month now. It’s still the best web analyzer i have ever used. Now, we can find the book about it in bookstore,

Google Analytics, by Mary E. Tyler and Jerri L. Ledford (Wiley Publishing) has just come out, the first of what we hope will be many helpful titles on Google Analytics. It walks through the whys and hows of most of the Google Analytics reports and provides some good hypothetical and real-world cases of how you can use the information.

Memburu Sisi Lain Programmer Dengan Google Code Search

Google terkenal dengan kemampuannya menampilkan hasil pencarian yang lengkap, terlalu lengkap bahkan. Sampai hal-hal yang sebelumnya mungkin tidak ingin kita ketahui ikut ditampilkan juga.

Google Code Search misalnya, yang baru-baru ini dirilis, awalnya bertujuan untuk memudahkan programmer mencari skrip atau kode yang ia butuhkan. Tapi Google memberi kita lebih dari itu.

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