Deathly Hallows

deathly hollows

It’s the final book. It’s scheduled to be released on July 21st, but i’ve already got the soft copy sent by a friend. Yap, that book.

I haven’t read it, guess i’ll wait for the official release … naaaaay. :-p

I can’t help myself to get a quick sneak, and as millions of people have guessed, “they” get married, but many of the character die.

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  1. psst bagi dong link downloadnya ^-^
    japri email aja

    btw, yakin itu versi asli bukan fanfic? banyak yg ketipu kan dulu2
    tp konon yg asli dah bocor, jd siapa tahu bener 😀
    jd bagi ya link nya 😉

  2. Do you realize that for several previous edition (I think it started from the 3rd edition up until now) that there’s some said “leaked” version but after all this time NONE of them are right (heck, I even remember reading the 6th edition “leak” in which Harry and Malfoy is literally helping each other — which they didn’t in the official version).

    So, enjoy reading a Harry Potter fan fict!

  3. #1 > I only taste a small part of end chapters. And there are several surprising fact .. can’t wait to read the official (true?) version.

    #2 > huuu .. penasaran yah? hehe, aku aja dapet dari teman via email. Nggak tahu dapet dari mana do’i .. jadi keasliannya juga masih diragukan.

    #3 > yeah, i think i’ll wait for the official release. I prefer hard cover anyway.

  4. Er… sebelumnya sorry ya kalo posting gw yg #3 kesannya kasar. Ga ada maksud hehehe (cuma pas gw baca lagi jadi beda kayaknya nyampenya :P)

    Cheers ah… hari sabtu ini kan dia keluarnya 🙂

  5. well i read the book already but not yet done, wow it realy good to read the final book makes me nervous in all the scene hope it well end up happy ending

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