Someone takes it wrong

I’ve just received a comment from someone with email jesus4life@…

regarding my post here.

i am sooooo offended how dare u.ur the sort of people God tried to kill in the great flood. u shud all b ashamed

Hold on there, fellas. I didn’t try to offend anything. When i said this website was annoying, i wasn’t appointing to the content of the website, but the look of it. I was just trying to see it from web design perspective. No more.

Anybody else have any problem with this post? just let me know, i’ll delete the post, there would be no problem at all. But please don’t threat me, for God’s sake.

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  1. Regardless my religion, I say “Ouch, my eyes!”.
    Well, maybe you can add some note. Just to point what is the real thing you’re concerned with. To help people who are ‘lost in translation’ :p

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