My Delicious Linkblog

Gee, even Andrei now has linkblog. I think I have to make it too. So, i took a little PEAR::Services_Delicious and some ugly codes of mine and there you go,


require_once 'Services/Delicious.php';

$d = new Services_Delicious('eristemena','guesswhat');
$r = $d->getRecentPosts();

foreach ( $r as $l ) {
  $tidx = date('d F Y',strtotime($l[time]));
  $lb[$tidx][$k]['href'] =  $l['href'];
  $lb[$tidx][$k]['description'] =  $l['description'];
  $lb[$tidx][$k]['extended'] =  $l['extended'];

foreach ( $lb as $d =   >
  $v ) {echo '<strong>'.date('F jS, Y',strtotime($d)).'</strong><br /><hr size="1">';
  echo '<blockquote>';
  foreach ( $v as $l ) {
    echo '<p><a href="'.$l[href].'">'.$l[description].'</a><br />';
    echo $l[extended].'</p>';
  echo '</blockquote>';


Ok, i cheat using Delicious here, so what? i have my own linkblog now, delicious linkblog, just like anybody else.

What? You want the feed too? alright, grab it here.

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