Google To Acquire Your Wife

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After acquiring YouTube, speculations rise about what will Google do next. Robert Scoble noted in his blogs that Google seems to reboot its master plan. What is Google planning to do?

Guess what, here is the new rumor,

Yonkers, NY. FakeCrunch is reporting on a rumor that Google is in secret talks with your wife for possible acquisition. Reportedly valued at over $2 US, the deal is rumored to be an all-cash acqusition.

You wife has been steadily climbing in the Alexa ranking recently due to her social-networking and video-pirating services she offers to closed community of college students with nothing better to do.

While your wife couldn’t be reached for comment, FakeCrunch was able to track you down for your thoughts whom simply said “Ka-Ching!”

Source: Fake Crunch

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It’s a joke by the way ….

I know it’s not April, but still its funny right?


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