Google Code Search new but not new

If there was something missing in all the buzz about Google Code Search, i think it’s the fact that it’s not new at all. There were Koders and Krugle who played on the same field long before Google jumped in. But somehow they’re just disappearing from any count, including alexa. Just check their traffic for the past few days,



Yep, they’re down elevator. No wonder if Darren Rush, CEO and co-founder of Koders, got a little pissed off,

“My advice to any entrant into this space is to focus on the unique structure of code, because indexing and searching code requires specialized algorithms and tools that Koders has already developed and refined.”

About the dangers of exposing security flaws as Google code blog said,

Since Google Code Search launched a few days ago, we’ve received a lot of great feedback, including some about the dangers of exposing security flaws.

it’s also not new. Just ask Johnny, he knows well about it long before there was Google code search.

Obviously, Google plays really well as a leader. Everything comes out from Google cage will make people turn their eyes from whatever they’re looking at.

But then again, Google knows well how to make good software. That’s what makes them so superior.

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