We Need You

Sigh, I never thought it would be hard to find a web programmer. So i guess i’m going to break a rule by posting a job vacancy here.

If you’re a web programmer, Indonesian, living in Jakarta or willing to stay in Jakarta. Good at web programming (mostly PHP, ASP would be great), MySQL, HTML and Javascript, then we need you.

Just drop an email with your resume attached to:


I can’t promise you anything, but i tell you what, you’re going to work with me. How about that? :)

Oh, one more thing. You’re surely going to impress us if you can do Python or Ruby.

So, what are you waiting for?

Moving to PHP5

Why are people still using PHP4 again?

Oh yes, the compatibility issue. Ok, since i’m rewriting all my web apps using Zend Framework now, i guess I don’t have much choice except to switch my PHP installed on my server to PHP5 (Zend Framework was written in PHP5).

Why would i use Zend Framework? two words: beautiful and simple. ZF knows very well how to use the power which comes with PHP5. OOP and design pattern are well written all over the place. Having a quick look at Zend_Controller will explain why i say this.

About the simplicity, Aaron Warmus put it well when he said this,

When evaluating the code within Zend Framework, it was clear that the concept of “Extreme Simplicty” meant that when faced with design decisions, Zend Framework always went with using the power which is built into PHP5 …

In a couple words, extreme simplicity means not reimplementing functionality already available in PHP5.

ZF now in days away from its stable version (currently in 1.0.0-RC2). As many other people out there, i hope ZF will be the rescuer of PHP5 slow adoption. In broad, i hope it will make alot easier for us to build a profesional yet reliable web apps using PHP.

Anyway, i’m switching my server now, wish me luck.

Sexclinique Reborn

After disappeared for years, sexclinique is now alive again. And now it uses blog software as the main platform.

I’m historically connected to this website. It was one of our primary products that was pretty popular around 2000. I remember it was my first year joining the company working on the real web industry.

Glad to see it back alive again. Hope it will gain the popularity as it was several years ago.

Monitoring Your Feed Reader

There are two web stats i watch almost everyday to get to know who and how my visitors got to this blog, Google Analytics and Awstats. But none of them give the exact value of my feed reader, which is also important especially when you share feeds (most people read the feed using feed reader somewhere else instead visiting your website).

As you can see from my Awstats graph here that the most viewed URL in my blog is the feed,


however i never know how many are they, cause it just shows you how many views and average size it got hits.

That’s why we need another tools for this. And my favourite one is FeedBurner (which was acquired by Google not long ago). Not only you can customize the look of your feed, you can also track the actual number of people reading your feed.

But the problem is when you use FeedBurner the URL for your feed must be changed. For example, my feed URL in FeedBurner is http://feeds.feedburner.com/NgoprekWeb. This is the problem since my feed URL by default is http://www.ngoprekweb.com/feed (i’m using wordpress). And people read my feed using this URL for months.

If you’re using wordpress and having the same problem like me, then here’s a little tips for you: use FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin for wordpress. This plugin will detect all ways to access your feed (e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/feed/ or http://www.yoursite.com/wp-rss2.php, etc.), and redirect them to your FeedBurner feed.

It also changes automatically the URL your old feed subscriber read into your FeedBurner feed. As you can see in my FeedBurner stats here, i finally got the real number of my feed subscribers after i installed the plugin,


It’s an old trick, but it works for me. :)

Zend Certified Engineer

After being delayed for couple days, due to some problem with Pearson Vue database, i finally took my Zend PHP Certification exam last tuesday.

What? are you kidding me, off course i passed the exam. ;-)

So now i’m officially Zend certified engineer.

zce logo

Thanks to Brainmatics for such a good effort preparing my test.

Now, there are three Zend certified engineers from Indonesia. Rock on, dude!